Breitling Replica Watches Sale UK

I was however disappointed that it didn't come in any sort of box especially as it's for a present, is there any way you can help with this. I am really pleased with the breitling replica and would like to get a couple more for presents in the future but the fact they are not well packaged is an issue. In Nov 2015 I bought one of your watches as a Christmas present for my husband, he really pleased with it when it came, unfortunately the winder on the side that you change the date is not working! Can you let me know how I go about exchanging the watch. Unfortunately our nearest watch repair shop is 70 miles away. I don't think it's right or fair that I should have to pay for the repair and I am very disappointed with your solution. I am seriously re-thinking the breitling replica watches I was about to order. I think an exchange breitling replica watch or a complete refund is in order. Many apologies for the delay in returning our watch for exchange, I have been in hospital and so unable to do anything untill now. If it is still alright with you I will get the breitling replica uk posted as per your earlier instructions. Will wait your reply before sending.

Even with your kind offer of 15% off, I have held off on ordering a second replica breitling until I have had the first one for a while. It's turned out to be fortunate as I have had a second, more serious problem with my first breitling replica sale ordered. I have told you how the crown on that watch does not always pull out far enough to set the time, but usually it does. Today when I pulled on the crown to set the time, the crown came off in my hand. I can no longer use this watch without repairs, and as you know, no repair shop will work on a replica Breitling. I need your assistance in getting this watch repaired. What can you suggest? Please respond as soon as possible as I liked this replica breitling very much.