Cartier Replica Watches Sale UK

I have bought a cartier replica from you end of January. I really like the watch but I did not wear it yet, because it was too big on my wrist. Today I finally had time to take it to the watch repair to take of some rings and make it the right size for my wrist. But the guy there could not do it and he said it is not possible as it looks like someone else has taken some rings of this cartier replica uk before and did not fixed it properly or something like that. I'm not sure what is the reason but if the replica cartier can not be adjusted to my wrist it means that I will not be able to wear it. I am very upset about that fact. What can I do in this situation? Can you change my watch for the same model?

I really don't understand I know what I paid for, I was advised I would receive it within seven days the website doesn't mention anything about being on hold for one month by a shipping company. I really think the best thing to do here is for you to resend another cartier replica sale with another shipping company I think that would be fair. I'm not a rich man. I got this as a present for somebody, and tell that shipping company to send it back to you in a month, now that's fair and good Business practice. I will still have to give him his birthday gift late. On 10 Mar 16, three days later and twenty-four days after the order was placed, after still hearing nothing from you, I advised you that actions had been taken to place your payment on hold with my credit card services. The next day, twenty-five days after the order was placed, you contacted me, with your third response inquiring if I would pay for shipping fees for a replacement to my purchase. I answered that same day indicating that I did not wish to receive a replacement for the faulty cartier replica watches.