Tag Heuer Replica Watches Sale UK

Sorry for disappearing. I was off on my vacation for 6 weeks and hence couldn't reply. For now (since I was testing the authenticity of the site), I was hoping to book some Tag Heuer replica watches. Once I see the products and happy with it, I wish to order some watches. To my dire surprise after returning from vacation, I see these products are no more on your website? They have even gone from my cart. Do you no longer sell the watches? I am not sure if you are aware, the watches no longer appear on your website, not a single one. Hence I cannot give you any model number. I need a replica Tag Heuer. Do you have it? I wish to purchase a tag heuer. I am not able to find your website anymore. Are you all still selling the watches? If you can send me the link of the Tag Heuer replica sale please.I can tell you the exact product code and then book it online. I tried to buy a watch today. I entered card details and when I pressed submit, it did not get processed and I got a message that the website is not found. I am pasting a screen shot here. Is that a genuine site? Do you all accept via paypal or some other form?

I emailed you recently about my problem with my order that I received and you requested a photo. The pin does not fit on the strap and the winder will not pull out so I can't adjust the time. My boyfriend got his Tag Heuer replica uk and we are so happy with it. Please advise me as soon as possible on a return address so I can get a replacement on my watch. Thank you very much, my previous emails were from my previous email address but I had to use this email this time to allow me to send the pictures. So am I right in saying there are two watches out of stock? The grey face with black strap watch and the gold face with glod strap watch, I have not received any pictures as of your email says. I will check other Tag Heuer replica on your website and get back to you, can you forward the alternative pictures on to me please.