How to Handle a Postage Delivery Problem

Customer Service can be defined as meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectation when resolving a customer’s matters. The U.S. Postal Service is an independent executive branch department of the federal government responsible for delivering postal service to the millions of people residing in the fifty states and associated territories of the United States. It is charged with developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure that its customers are satisfied with the level of service they receive. The Service also maintains a comprehensive and flexible network of post offices nationwide that serve customers on a local basis. Customer Service professionals are responsible for making sure that the mail is in good operating condition and in compliance with federal and state laws.

A letter carrier must provide exceptional customer service to those who use their facilities. Postal inspectors are responsible for investigating complaints regarding the quality of mail delivery, the timeliness of mail delivery, and the safety of mail in their storage facility. Mail inspectors may also inspect the quality of packages in transit and at the time of delivery. If there is a problem with a package in transit, the Post Office must address the problem immediately. Customers who use a post office should never hesitate to report problems so that corrective actions can be taken.

All correspondence between a customer support representative and a customer should be in a format that the customer understands. All correspondence involving the mail delivery process should be in an organized, chronological order. All correspondence should be signed by the sender. All correspondence should contain the sender’s name and address. If the recipient does not know the name of the sender or has no address, they should be able to obtain the information needed by contacting the appropriate customer support office.

If a customer has a problem with a local office location, they may file a complaint with the local office. The local office will notify the proper customer service office when a complaint has been filed. If an investigation determines that the problem in fact lies with the shipper, the local office will file a complaint against the shipper. Once the complaint has been filed in the local office, the shipper may choose to settle the dispute informally without going to court.

In the event that the customer service representative makes a mistake, they should make the necessary correction. An example of a common mistake would be to send an item to the wrong address. The shipper should immediately make the necessary corrections and re-mail the corrected item to the correct recipient. Sometimes a product or item may have already been shipped to the correct recipient but the local office received the wrong address. In this case, the local office should re-mail the corrected item to the recipient.

If a customer finds that a local office did not solve a problem related to postage, they may file a complaint with the Postmaster General. This process is fairly easy to follow. If the complaint is valid, the local office may file an answer with the Postmaster General in about thirty days. The Postmaster General may then file an answer to the complaint with the local office and the matter will go back to the mail carrier for resolution.